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Looking after Ex-Reg Skull Customers

As valued customers of Reg Skull Motors Ltd over the years, we wanted to personally say thank you for your support as we are closing our doors in Highworth for the last time on 15th April 2016.

It could have been a sad story, but we've found a happy ending!?

As a family owned business which has operated for over 40 years, we can obviously recognise that it is due to our fantastic and loyal customers, that we have had such a success story. We want to end our time in that very same way so we are thrilled to share this happy ending to the tale:

We have formed a relationship with another local family owned Ford dealership to ensure that our customers will be looked after as they always have been. Motorlux Ford of Wantage, just a few miles down the road is not a faceless car dealership; it is an independent family run business with people who share the same passion as us. It's passionate about its customers and with its own set of Ford trained technicians and experienced sales and service executives, we're confident you'll love them too.

And the icing on the cake?

Motorlux have committed to all Reg Skull customers that if a few miles become an inconvenience, they will collect your car and deliver it back for FREE - just one of the many benefits being offered to you by Motorlux.

So it's farewell from us as we wish you many more years Happy Ford Motoring!

From all the team at Reg Skull thank you once again for your business.